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A DIY Guide to Making an Acrylic Guest Book for Your Wedding

A DIY Guide to Making an Acrylic Guest Book for Your Wedding

Acrylic guest books have modernized the traditional guest book style, adding a contemporary twist! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create an acrylic wedding guest book using a CO2 laser cutter.

Not only do these guest books enhance the visual appeal of your wedding, but they also serve as elegant decor for your home post-celebration. Placing the guest book on your coffee table allows you and your spouse to fondly reminisce as you flip through its pages.

Close up image of a white acrylic guest book with pink lettering reading Bianca + Isaac

What is an Acrylic Guest Book?

An acrylic guest book is a modern spin on a traditional guest book. Instead of the classic book binding, the front and back cover are made from high-quality acrylic sheets and bound together using leather or faux leather. The inside pages are made up of cardstock. Acrylic lettering on the cover add a three-dimensional element that really make the book pop.

These unique guest books provide couples with a unique way to capture well wishes, messages, and signatures from their wedding guests, while also serving as a stylish keepsake to cherish for years to come.

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Tools & Materials

Image of materials needed to make an acrylic guest book: linen cardstock, cast acrylic, chicago screws, and laserable leatherette
Image of a white and pink acrylic guest book with the names Bianca + Isaac

How To Make An Acrylic Guest Book

Yield: 1



  1. Download the design file and upload it into xTool Creative Space (XCS).
  2. Prepare to cut the acrylic for the spine, front, and back cover using the acrylic color of your choice. Before cutting, drag the elements for the leather and cardstock out of the cut area on your screen. We used 3 mm white cast acrylic (Power: 75, Speed: 20)
  3. Prepare to cut the leatherette by dragging the cut elements into the cut area on your screen. Drag the acrylic cut elements out of the cut area in XCS. We used white laserable leatherette. Tip: if you have a Cricut die cutting machine, you can also cut the leatherette with a deep point blade. Leather and leatherette can offput a smelly odor when cut with the laser.
  4. Use a two hole punch or your laser to cut the holes for the cardstock. We used 20 pages of cardstock.
  5. Design and cut the lettering for the guest book cover. Tip: before cutting the front cover, duplicate the lettering for the guest book names, create a slight inset, and lightly score the lettering on the cover. This helps you when placing the lettering on the cover. Add double-sided 3M tape to the back of the acrylic sheet you are using for the lettering, mirror the lettering, and cut the acrylic tape side up.
    Acrylic laying inside a laser cutter. Acrylic has a layer of 3m double sided tape.
  6. Remove the paper masking from the acrylic. Wipe any residue off the materials that were cut in the laser.
  7. Assemble the guest book. Use a screwdriver to tighten the Chicago screws.
    Assembling acrylic guest book placing cardstock
    Tighten Chicago screws with screwdriver
  8. Place lettering on the cover.
    Place lettering on the guest book
  9. Wipe any fingerprints off the acrylic using a microfiber cloth.


Chicago screws come in different sizes. You'll need two different sizes of screws for this project. To determine the sizes needed you'll need to measure the depth of all layers of acrylic + leatherette + paper (you'll need two screws at this depth). Then measure the depth of one layer of acrylic and leatherette (you'll need four screws at this depth).

Font used for names: Fabulous Script (an Adobe font)

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