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Unforgettable Wedding Send Off Ideas

Unforgettable Wedding Send Off Ideas

Odds are, when you think of ideas for a wedding send off, you think of tossing bird seed or rice. Wedding exits have evolved quite a bit and while bird seed is still an option, throwing rice after a wedding is frowned upon these days. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with how you exit your big day. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite wedding send off ideas to help you choose one that fits your style and wedding.

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What is a Wedding Send Off?

A wedding send off is a formal way for wedding guests to bid farewell to the newly married couple. It also lets your wedding guests know that the wedding festivities have concluded and it is time to go home. Wedding exits make wonderful photo opportunities as they capture friends and family celebrating the newlyweds. Your exit can make for a great candid photograph!

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How to Have a Seamless Wedding Exit

  1. Understand the Venue Rules

    Talk with your wedding venue about wedding send-off rules. Some wedding venues are strict about what they allow for wedding exits. For example, your venue may not allow sparklers depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

  2. Make it Relevant

    Choose a wedding send-off that goes with the overall aesthetic of your wedding. Think of your exit as the final wedding memory that wraps up the vibe you’ve created from the ceremony through the reception.

  3. Consult Your Photographer

    It is important that your wedding photographer know what your plans are for your wedding exit. It’s likely they’ve seen the full gambit of send-offs and can offer some advice. You also want to make sure that your photographer is prepared to capture the moment!

  4. Designate Helpers

    Appoint one or two wedding guests to help coordinate the logistics of the send-off. Think of every worst-case scenario and plan ahead. For example, have extra lighters and matches if you plan a sparkler exit.

  5. Communicate the Plan

    Prepare adequate signage that tells your wedding guests what they are supposed to do.

  6. Go with the Flow

    Be prepared that your exit may not go exactly as you planned. Try to enjoy the moment, even if there is a hiccup or two. Your guests probably won’t even notice.

Wedding Send Off Ideas