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4 Ways To Include Family and Friends in Your Wedding

4 Ways To Include Family and Friends in Your Wedding

One of the best things about your wedding is you get to share it with so many of your loved ones. But there are only so many spots in the bridal party—you’ll have to leave some out. If you want to include more family and friends in your wedding, we offer a few simple ways below!

Usher for the Ceremony

One of the best and most traditional consolation prizes for loved ones who didn’t make the bridal party is working as an usher for the ceremony. An usher greets guests, seats guests during the wedding, hands out programs, and directs people to locations like the coat check, restrooms, etc.

While it may not be the most glamorous job, ushers are still important for wedding ceremonies and ensure everything runs smoothly. Especially for big weddings with a hundred guests or more, you can never have too many wedding ushers, allowing your loved ones to feel like they’re a part of your big day!

Perform the Ceremony

If you have a close friend who just missed the cut of making the bridal party, you can bestow upon them the great honor of performing the ceremony for you and your partner. In many states, any ordained minister can officiate and solemnize a marriage.

Anyone can become a minister online with resources like American Marriage Ministries, which will take you step-by-step through what you need to do to officiate and recognize a wedding in the state you’ll be performing in. It may not be traditional, but it’s a great honor for your friend and makes the ceremony feel more personal for you and your partner!

Sign as a Witness

Another way to include family and friends in your wedding is to act and sign the marriage license as a witness. Every wedding must have a witness, and while the signing of the license isn’t the most romantic or exciting part of the wedding, it’s something you can make meaningful by sharing with a loved one.

Often, the happy couple may have their parents or members of their bridal party sign as witnesses, but that’s not a requirement. You can have anyone sign as a witness, so if you want a loved one to feel special on your big day, have them sign as a witness, and they’ll always have a special place in your wedding memories.

Entertainment at the Reception

If you have friends and family with many talents, like singing or playing an instrument, consider having them perform at the reception! If you have friends or family in a band or who can DJ, hire them for the entertainment, and they get to do what they love and feel important to the couple and the reception.

If you have a loved one who can sing or play an instrument, a great tip for picking your first dance song is to have them perform so that it’s even more personal and special for you and your partner. Plus, if you hire loved ones for entertainment, you can probably get a discount!