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21 Wedding Fonts You Need Today

21 Wedding Fonts You Need Today

I’ve always loved fonts! When it comes to a DIY wedding project, it can be difficult to find that perfect font. That’s why I have gone through my font library and picked out my 21 favorite fonts to use for wedding projects. These an be used on signs, invitations, thank you cards, really the opportunities are limitless. Each of the fonts below have unique glyphs that can add a delicate touch. 

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The 21 Best Wedding Fonts

1. Sweetheart

2. History Love

3. Hidden Love

4. Hello Deline

5. Loveable

6. Madalina

7. Richgole

8. Girly

9. Oh Beloved

10. Elmira

11. Kimberline

12. Delara

13. Baiskey

14. Joseph Sophia

15. Love Mom

16. Clara

17. Amadea

18. Lovely Dream

19. Love Story

20. About Love

21. Sweetheart

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