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Unique Bridal Jean Jacket Ideas

Unique Bridal Jean Jacket Ideas

A unique bridal jean jacket is a trend we can get behind. If you’re considering jumping in on this trend, we’ve compiled a list of unique brides’ jean jackets that you can purchase today. From hand-embroidered to fringe and pearls, this list has something for every style.

What is a Bridal Jean Jacket?

A bridal jean jacket is a jacket that is customized with a bride’s new last name or the word “bride” or “wifey” on the back. Sometimes brides choose to add other personalized details such as a wedding date to the collar.

When Does a Bride Wear the Denim Jacket?

The jacket can be worn during the engagement photo shoot, bachelorette party, bridal shower, right after the wedding during the reception, or during the honeymoon. They make a great photo opportunity right after the newlyweds tie the knot.

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Bridal Denim Jacket Ideas

Oversized and Boyfriend Style Denim Jackets

If you're searching for the perfect oversized bridal jacket for your special day, these styles will not disappoint!

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