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Exploring An Audio Guest Book Book For Your Wedding? Read This Article First!

Exploring An Audio Guest Book Book For Your Wedding? Read This Article First!

Guest books offer a place for your loved ones to send their best wishes and commemorate your special day. When you think of the classic guest book, you may traditionally think of a simple lined ledger. But, nowadays, your guest book can be so much more than just a signature and a quick congratulations – with an audio guest book!

How Does an Audio Guest Book Work?

Unlike your traditional guest book that is signed with pen and paper, an audio guest book is signed with your voice! Audio guest books are a unique take on a classic wedding tradition that allows your guests to record heartfelt (or funny!) voice messages that you and your spouse can listen to and reminisce on for years to come.

From your grandparents who want to leave sincere marriage advice to the funny story of how you met from the perspective of your best man, an audio guest book is the perfect guest activity that both you and your guests will love, not to mention that it will stand the test of time!

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Where Can I Find an Audio Guest Book for my Wedding?

Whether your wedding aesthetic is vintage, modern, romantic, or classic there is a unique phone option that will fit your wedding theme. Ready to find the perfect audio guest book for your nuptials? Read on below!


Etsy seller, Audio Guestbooks Ni, offers several different styles of phones for couples wanting an audio guest book at their wedding. From a vintage rotary, to phone booth, to a retro phone in bold colors you’re sure to find one to fit your wedding vibe.

Retro rotary audio guest book phone

What sets this seller apart from other companies offering an audio guest book experience? Couples get to keep the phone after the wedding! Prices range from $200 to $500 depending on the style.


FeteFone has a unique inventory of phone styles for guests to leave messages on that will bring all kinds of nostalgia. Select from options like the classic pay phone, a Victorian steampunk-style phone, the vintage retro rotary, a baroque telephone, or have fun with a sexy pair of lips or the beloved 80’s hamburger phone! The options are truly endless, it simply comes down to personal preference. 

FeteFone has recently expanded shipping internationally! You can purchase one of FeteFone’s audio guest book phones on Amazon or directly from their site. Another great feature of FeteFone is their library of free sign templates.

At the Beep

At the Beep offers classic GPO phone designs for a fun retro vibe! Guests can pick up the phone and after a pre-recorded audio greeting made by you is played, guests can record their message! The voicemail is then saved and delivered to you in a post-event gallery in both audio format and a shareable mp4 video.

We also love the variety of color options At the Beep offers, including popular favorites including mint, ivory, gold, and pink. You’ll surely find a phone that matches your wedding aesthetic with so many choices. Looking for something unique? You can also get in touch with At the Beep directly to discuss customization options for your wedding. They ship to destinations all around the world including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom, so no matter where you are getting married, you can have an audio guest book to wow your guests on your big day!

After the Tone

Southern California-based After the Tone created an guest book experience that aims to transport couples right back to the time and place of their wedding day. Their phones are battery-powered, so they can be placed anywhere at your reception and can record up to 8-10 hours worth of audio – and don’t worry, they supply you with a replacement battery just in case!

While the company’s focus is to provide beautiful vintage phones for your guests to leave their well wishes on, they definitely don’t stop there! In addition to receiving the audio files of your voice messages, you can actually add on the purchase of a vinyl record to your package. Your timeless vinyl record will house all of your voicemails and can be played on any record player. Imagine sitting in the living room and holding hands with your spouse while you listen to all of the stories, jokes and advice from your nearest and dearest playing in the background. Now that is the ultimate vintage-retro vibe if you ask us!

How Much Does an Audio Guest Book Cost?

Depending on which style of phone you choose, you can expect to spend between $200 and $600 for an audio guest book at your event. This includes the phone, shipping both ways, and voice recordings.

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DIY Audio Guest Book Wedding Sign Tutorial

How will your guests know to leave a message after the tone? Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make an audio guest book sign: 

DIY Audio Wedding Guest Book Sign

How To Make an Audio Guest Book Sign

Yield: 1
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $30

Use your Cricut to make an adorable sign for an audio guest book at your wedding.



  1. Purchase the guest book acrylic blank sign.
    Purchase the audio guest book blank
  2. Upload the free SVG file to Cricut Design Space. You'll use the sign shapes to lay out the text for your sign.
  3. Create your sign wording to fit within the SVG shapes. For thinner fonts, use the offset feature to thicken the text. This will make it easier to weed the vinyl.
    Audio Guest Book Text
  4. After you've designed the sign layout, hide the SVG shapes.
    Hide the audio guest book svg
  5. Cut, weed, and apply your vinyl to the acrylic blanks.
  6. Insert the signs into the acrylic stands and use a lint-free cloth to gently wipe any fingerprints off the acrylic.

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