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DIY Acrylic Wedding Bar Menu Sign with xTool P2

DIY Acrylic Wedding Bar Menu Sign with xTool P2

Crafting a personalized wedding bar menu sign adds a touch of elegance and charm to any celebration. With the rise of DIY projects and the accessibility of tools like the xTool P2 laser cutter and engraver, creating custom acrylic signage has become more achievable than ever.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to make a laser-cut bar menu sign made out of acrylic.

Acrylic Bar Menu Materials

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Acrylic Bar Menu Sign

What are the benefits to creating a specialized bar menu for a wedding reception?

Having a bar menu at a wedding reception offers several benefits for couples and their guests:

  1. Personalization: A bar menu allows couples to personalize their wedding by selecting signature cocktails, favorite drinks, or thematic beverages that reflect their tastes and preferences. It adds a unique touch to the event and can be tailored to match the overall theme or vibe of the wedding.
  2. Guest Experience: Providing a curated selection of drinks on a bar menu enhances the overall guest experience. Guests can easily see what options are available and can make informed choices based on their preferences. It ensures that everyone can find a drink they enjoy, whether it’s a classic cocktail, a specialty concoction, or a non-alcoholic beverage.
  3. Efficiency: A bar menu helps streamline the drink ordering process, especially during peak times. Instead of guests having to inquire about available drinks or wait for the bartender to suggest options, they can refer to the menu and place their orders quickly and efficiently. This reduces wait times at the bar and ensures that guests spend more time enjoying the celebration.
  4. Budget Management: By pre-selecting drinks for the bar menu, couples can better manage their budget and avoid unexpected expenses. They can decide in advance which types of alcohol and mixers to offer, as well as set limits on premium options if desired. This helps prevent overspending on beverages and ensures that the bar stays within budget.
  5. Theme Reinforcement: A well-designed bar menu can reinforce the wedding theme or aesthetic. Couples can incorporate elements such as custom signage, themed drink names, or decorative accents to tie the bar menu into the overall decor and ambiance of the event. It adds an extra layer of cohesion to the celebration and enhances the visual appeal of the bar area.
White acrylic bar menu sign with pink and blue lettering.

Laser Cut Acrylic Wedding Bar Menu

Yield: 1

Learn how to make a laser-cut bar menu with acrylic.


  1. Open the design file in xTool Creative Space (or the design software for your laser). You can purchase the cut file for the wedding bar menu here. Add drink-specific details to your sign. Adjust the cut and engrave settings for each element of the sign.
    Bar menu design file in xTool Creative Space
  2. Place the acrylic for the sign onto your laser bed. Move the "bar menu" lettering outside of the cut area. Align the design to fit appropriately onto the acrylic. Double-check your engrave and cut settings and start your laser.
    Align design to material
  3. After removing the acrylic sign and extra material from the laser bed, insert the acrylic for the "bar menu" lettering. I like to add double-sided adhesive to lettering for ease of applying to the sign later. Make sure to mirror the lettering if using double-sided adhesive. Using the cameras on your laser, align the lettering to your material. Double-check your cut settings and start your laser.
    Mirror lettering
  4. Once all the sign elements have been engraved and cut it is time to assemble the sign. Use the paint-fill method to color in the engraved lettering.
    Paint the engraved area
  5. Once the paint has dried, remove the paper masking from the acrylic and attach the bar menu lettering.


Suggested laser settings for the xTool P2:
Cut: Power - 75 / Speed - 20
Engrave: Power - 30 / Speed - 300 / Lines per CM - 200

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