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DIY Do Not Disturb Door Hangers for Wedding Guests

DIY Do Not Disturb Door Hangers for Wedding Guests


These DIY do not disturb door hangers are the perfect addition to your guest welcome bags. You can leave the welcome bags with the hotel front desk to place in guests rooms. This makes guests feel welcomed and part of your big day as soon as they arrive.

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Materials Used in This Project

Once you’ve downloaded the free door hanger template you’ll need to open the project in Cricut Design Space. The design file is set up in several layers. I used two fonts in this project, Hello Honey and Classic Roman Standard.

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The file is set up so that the ‘shhh’ and ‘newlyweds’ text goes all the way to the edges of the door hanger sign.

Open door hanger template in Cricut Design Space

The first thing you’ll want to do is ungroup the text.

Ungroup the text layers from the wedding door hanger design

Next, you’ll customize the names and wedding detail text.

Edit the wedding detail text

Then, select all of the text and regroup it together.

Regroup the text layers

After you’ve grouped the text select the layers set to cut. This includes the circle, line, and square cut shapes.

Select the cut shapes

Send these to the back. Because this project uses Cricut’s print then cut feature, you want to make sure the cut layers are on the bottom. Otherwise, when you go to attach the design it will only show a white rectangle.

If you have never used the print then cut feature, I recommend viewing my tutorial for DIY wedding vow books. In this video, I walk through how to use this feature in detail.

Send the cut shapes to back

Do not miss this next step: select the white square Cut | Print shape and all of the text layers. Then select ‘Flatten’ in the lower right corner of Cricut Design Space.

If you miss this step, when your Cricut Maker starts to cut your file, it will cut each letter out. You don’t want that!

Now you’ll want to select all of the layers and attach all layers to the mat. This is an important step. If you skip this step, your Cricut Maker will think you want to make each of the grouped layers separately. With this design, everything needs to take place using the same material, a single piece of cardstock.

Attach the design

After you’ve attached all the layers, select Make It.

Now you are ready to print the design file. To use the print then cut feature for the wedding guest door hanger project, you’ll need an inkjet printer.

Print the wedding door hanger design

Once you’ve printed the design, place the cardstock on the lightgrip cutting mat. Insert the fine blade tool into Clamp B of your Cricut Maker and load the cutting mat. When you are ready, press the Go button.

Cut the wedding door hanger sign using a Cricut MakerOnce the door hanger has been cut by your Cricut Maker, remove the cardstock from the LightGrip cutting mat and you are done!

Tip: you can print several of the door hangers at once to save time! When you send the file to your Cricut Maker, select ‘I’ve already printed.’

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